About us

Behind every smart innovation there’s a story. This is ours.

The shift from Clydesdales and teams of oxen to tractors over 100 years ago enabled farmers to work greater areas more efficiently. And until now, they’ve been the backbone of the agricultural industry. When engineer Walter Langlois, recognised the need for a new revolution in tractor technology, he brought into the fold lifelong mates and product designers Andrew Kersley and Nick Gledhill, and it was the start of something big. Something beyond simple automation.

Strategic Partners & Investors

As we scale and expand our global footprint we continue to look for relationships that provide some mutual benefit. We are actively looking for Global partners to support with the following:

  • Early adopter growers in US and Europe
  • Manufacturing - US and Europe
  • Sales, distribution, service and support - Australia, US, France, Portugal
  • Technology partners - Perception sensors, safety sensors, electric technology
  • Investors as we look ahead to series A funding round

If you are interested in starting a conversation in regards to any of the above please contact us here