Fully autonomous, multi-functional vineyard tractor.
Significantly increase productivity, improve precision, safety and sustainability.

From kiwi ingenuity, design, and engineering comes Oxin - the tractor re-imagined. And it’s a game -changer for commercial vineyards worldwide.

One master, many tricks

Managed remotely by one operator, the Oxin can complete multiple tasks like mowing, mulching, trimming and spraying, in a single row pass.
It can drive pre-planned missions night and day, using advanced sensors for navigation.

So strong,
yet so gentle

The Oxin requires very little maintenance, so it will hardly ever be off work. Its clever rubber track design reduces ground pressure and allows vineyards to be worked even after rain, without compacting soil.

Clever Capabilities

With advanced sensors, data capture capabilities and connectivity, growers can review real-time data and video streams to make faster and better decisions in vineyard management.

Behind every smart innovation there’s a story.
This is ours.

The shift from Clydesdales and teams of oxen to tractors over 100 years ago enabled farmers to work greater areas more efficiently. And until now, they’ve been the backbone of the agricultural industry.
When engineer Walter Langlois, recognised the need for a new revolution in tractor technology, he brought into the fold lifelong mates and product designers Andrew Kersley and Nick Gledhill, and it was the start of something big. Something beyond simple automation.
Developed in New Zealand in conjunction with Pernod Ricard Winemakers, the Oxin has been field-tested in one of the most diverse vineyard environments in the world.


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